Whether you are looking to challenge your level of fitness, recover from injury, improve alignment and balance, or simply breathe better, Pilates is for every body.





One-on-one instruction customized to your needs


Group Equipment

Classes are designed for all levels and incorporate mat work, reformer, and use of props to challenge each practitioner at their level


Pre- and post-natal, therapeutic,injury prevention

We specialize in diverse approaches...

What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a system of mind-body movement practice, developed in the 1920's by German born Joseph Pilates. His ambition was to create a set of exercises to strengthen the mind and body from the inside out. He believed that mental and physical health are inter-related. At The Pilates Space, we focus on centering the mind in order to gain more control, awareness and ease in core musculature and thus the whole body. Our progressive approach always begins at your physical fitness level to improve how you feel and move in daily life with fluidity and grace.

Pilates is designed to strengthen the body's core by developing pelvic stability and control. The body will redevelop its natural foundation, which is often hindered by poor posture and motor control issues resulting from modern day living, injury, illness. Pilates is a very effective modality for addressing chronic pain and tension stemming from poor alignment and patterns. By combining elements of yoga, breath work, weight training and gymnastics like moves, Pilates is a truly holistic form of exercise.

Benefits of Pilates

The concentration of work within the core musculature of pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, psoas and multifidi results in more fluid and efficient movement and resonates throughout the body, improvining flexibility and joint mobility.

Pilates work builds coordination and strength through slow, controlled movements and proper breathing.

Our goal at The Pilates Space is to get the body back to its natural state of ability by cultivating a deep sense of awareness of the body and mind.
By practicing intelligent whole body movement with proper alignment you will immediately feel an improved sense of well-being in your life!